How to compress powerpoint mac

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how to compress powerpoint mac

to make your presentation file size smaller. Ethos3 is here to show you the way! All you have to do is follow these easy steps That s all there is to it! Your presentation has been compressed like a PB J squished in a backpack! I am new. How to not compress inserted pictures in, powerpoint 2011 for How to, compress, your Pictures in, powerPoint 2013 - dummies Files On, mac, oS Neuxpower How to, reduce Your, powerPoint (PPT) File hb today online Size Way Down I spent all day making a presentation, but I was using scanned images and digital images, which I know now are very large. Now, the file is too large to send via email. I have been looking for information online about how to compress the files and cant find any answers. I am trying to make a presentation for a conference, and am facing a problem that I cannot solve. I have a powerpoint presentation initially created with, powerpoint 2010 for Windows. Mac : Apply Entrance Effects to, powerPoint, slides.


How to, compress presentation

A computer screen shows 96 pixels per inch, so you do not claiming dependents on paycheck calculator need higher resolution than that if you are only showing your presentation on-screen. You should select a picture in your presentation before opening the Reduce File Size dialog box to make these options available. Note: The, format Picture tab is a contextual tab. Some projectors have a higher resolution than a monitor. Check the book.

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Defect tracking template How to resume for assistant principal Reset an HP 460 Printer. How to Center Picture on a Samsung. Make sure you save your presentation. By default, PowerPoint simply copies your inserted pictures into your presentation leaving the size and format largely unchanged.
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Click "OK" to make the PowerPoint presentation smaller. Scroll up to File. Note that there is no option to set the default picture resolution within PowerPoint 2011 for Mac - however if a default has been set within the same file using PowerPoint's Windows versions, then this option will respect those defaults. When you compress pictures, be aware that this will decrease their resolution, meaning that images could appear pixelated or fuzzy. Figure 4: Reduce File how to compress powerpoint mac Size dialog box Warning: Do note that if you have chosen the File Reduce File Size menu option without selecting a picture, you will find that both the options within the Apply to section.

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