If cell is greater than but less than

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if cell is greater than but less than

6, B2 10 E2*0.735, IF(AND(B2 11, B2 19 E2*0.7, IF(AND(B2 20, B2 29 E2*0.675, IF(AND(B2 30, B2 39 E2*0.65. Just copy this formula to cell C3, C4 and so on). What I'm trying to create is for a value of 318 in column B, I need to return 400 for that product. Otherwise, it should return. My formula in L3 currently. Question:In Microsoft Excel I'm trying to achieve the following with IF function: If a value in any cell in column F is "food" then add the value of its corresponding cell in column G google jobs sustainability (eg a corresponding cell for F3 is G3). If all 5 cells have a value, the formula will return "Complete". Answer: You can write an IF statement that uses the AND function and the OR function as follows: IF(AND(C2 1,C2 9, Question:In Excel, I have a roadspeed of a car in m/s in cell A1 and a drop. Question:I'm looking for an Exel formula that says: If F3 is "H" and E3 is "H return 1 If F3 is "A" and E3 is "A return 2 If F3 is "d" and E3 is "d return 3 Appreciate if you can help. The IF function is performed in another cell altogether. Answer:This Excel formula can be created using the AND formula in combination with the IF function: We've defaulted the formula to return a blank if none of the conditions above are met. The OR function below uses the greater than operator. As a worksheet function, the IF function can be entered as part of a formula in a cell of a worksheet. Try the following: Question:For an IF statement in Excel, I want to combine text and a value. if cell is greater than but less than Question:In Excel, I am trying to create a formula that will show the following: If column B Ross and column C 8 then in cell AB of that row I want it to show 2013. Answer:First of all, you might want to replace your OR if cell is greater than but less than function with the AND function, so that your Excel IF formula looks like this: Next, make sure that you don't have any abnormal formatting in the cell that contains the results. Answer:To write your IF formula, you need to nest multiple IF functions together in combination with the AND function. I can automate A3 with the following IF function: IF(isblank(A2 booked out returned But what I cant get to work is if the product is out for 10 days or more, I would like the cell to say "send email" Can you assist?

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