Ac technician job description

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ac technician job description

of air conditioning and refrigeration systems by selecting the appropriate refrigerant. Additionally responsible for preventative maintenance, plant operations, repairs and minor modifications to the Air handling units and fixed fans. Communicate with guests or staff to resolve any hvac maintenance issues. Inspect current hvac systems for effectiveness and safety. Refer to the list of job duties below for further information on what an AC technician does on a typical work day: See also: AC Technician Resume Sample, aC Technician Job Duties and Responsibilities. Requirements, it is imperative for AC technicians to possess knowledge of complex air conditioning systems and small air conditioning units as they are required to handle both kinds of work on any given work day. Previous on the job training a plus. Heating Air Service Repair Technician hvac. Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Service Technician. Coordinates with service representative and others as necessary to accomplish installations or repairs. Ask questions to determine nature of problem and make mental notes to choose the correct tools to take along. Position title: AC Technician / hvac Mechanic, reports TO: Chief Engineer / Shift In-charge, position summary: Hotels AC Mechanic / hvac(Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning) technician is primarily responsible for the repair and maintenance of hvac and refrigerant units of the hotel.
ac technician job description
Repair air conditioning units by performing analysis ac technician job description and troubleshooting activities. Some experience in an hvac environment will prove useful if you are applying for an AC technician job and if you have dedicated AC repair and maintenance experience, you have a better chance of finding a good job. Required skills to work as an AC technician include physical agility, customer services and problem resolution abilities. Maintain accurate inventory of all equipment and hvac resources. Makes periodic rounds to all area to support equipment and maintains operating log of conditions observed.
May participate in energy use studies, comparison, etc. Working Knowledge cardstock holiday photo cards of various Building Automation Systems (BAS). Experience: Minimum 3 years of work experience in Cold Storage, Chilled Water plant, fahu (Fresh Air Handling Unit FCU (Fan Coil Unit) and AHU (Air Handling Unit with minimum 2-6 years experience, hotel industry person will be preferred. Respond to calls from customers needed repair and maintenance on their air conditioners.
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  2. Perform consultations with customers, determine customer needs and discuss all solution methods. AC Mechanic Front Office Job Descriptions Food Beverage Job Description Housekeeping Job Description Back Office and Other Job Descriptions Latest Job Descriptions Latest Articles SOP Front Desk Hotel Staff Job Description Hotel Staff Training Front Office Training F B Training Kitchen. We make the hiring process one step easier by giving you a template to simply post to our site.
  3. Keep records of customer appointments ac technician job description and payment transactions including invoices. Enter and locate work-related information using computers.
  4. ac technician job description
  5. Commercial hvac Service Technician, senior hvac Technician, hVAC Comfort Advisor / hvac Salesman. May instruct personnel in proper use and operation of heating/ air-conditioning equipment, etc. A number of other different certifications and licenses may be earned to signify competency in handling different types of equipment, such as a high-pressure boiler operator's license, natural gas certification and oil burner license. Candidates should have extensive experience handling, installing, and fixing hvac equipment, and be comfortable working with little to no supervision.
  6. Interview customers to determine what their needs are in terms of repair, installation and maintenance. Strong verbal communication skills, ability to explain complex hvac issues with customers in a way they understand. Additionally, they need to be skilled in electrical works and be knowledgeable of varying mechanical layouts.


Male / Female Hr Manager jobs Abdul Ghaffar and Sons Overseas Employment. Position title : hvac Technician. Hvac Technician, AC Mechanic, Air Conditioning Technician, Mechanic for fahu (Fresh Air Handling. Job Description for, hVAC Technician in hotel. This page contains a list of duties and responsibilities for an, aC Technician. Plans, recommends, and carries out an approved program on scheduled maintenance. Responsible ac technician job description for maintaining records of work done, time records and P/M records through the cmms (Computerized maintenance management system). Update the work order log book and inform the Engineering control desk on the status of work done. Identify, locate, and operate all shut-off valves for equipment and all utility shut-offs for buildings.

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