Gartner dcim magic quadrant 2017

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gartner dcim magic quadrant 2017

as primary targets for the vendors: federal government and colocation providers. Nlyte Software : One of the most promising products of the time, this dcim tool provides a rich feature set that encompasses power management, cooling and space massachusetts weekly certified payroll report form management, intelligent capacity planning and asset provisioning. FieldView Solutions was dropped because it has been acquired by Nlyte. Dcim software packages themselves a little bit. That quadrant rewards completeness of vision and ability to executesome vision you have when just a year after acquiring a company to enter the dcim sandbox, you decide to exit. I dont hold some grudge against them for not placing us higher or in some specific quadrant or such. Maybe the MQ for dcim comes back, in some improved form, although I am not sure how that is possible if they dont at least start analyzing the. Sour grapes that we werent included in the MQ and now I have a boo-boo in my heart? We are employee-owned, profitable, have zero debt, grew 20 in 2017 and are on pace to grow 40 this year. You can parse our blogs for half an hour and end up with far more knowledge about our functionality. Why am I writing about this? Alex architected Lifelines proprietary grca system and is hands-on every day in the data center. Where does this all lead? The company is known for its excellent track record of implementation, consultation and support services. Dcim via an acquisition, only to exit the field abruptly the year after. Emerson Network Power : Trellis is the flagship modular dcim platform, with exhaustive interfaces to IT products and protocols. They never asked if we had done a survey.


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The analysts dropped ABB, Device42, Geist, Modius, Optimum baby countdown app iphone Path, and Rackwise because they did not fully meet all of the 2016 inclusion criteria. Alex, co-owner, is responsible for all real estate, construction and mission critical facilities: hardened buildings, power systems, cooling systems, fire suppression, and environmentals. And to you, dear prospect: if you are on the hunt for a dcim software the last place you want to look for advice is analysts. Disclose the money received from the vendors they are rating. This created a lot of confusion in the marketplace. Heres what dcim analysts do not do: Real technical hands-on analysis of the tools with actual, neutral, side-by-side comparison of problem-solving features. What do they do? I was told this, point blank, by a Gartner executive trying to lure me into one of their packages and I had to laugh. gartner dcim magic quadrant 2017


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