What is your minimum hourly compensation expectation

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its one question that often stumps job candidates. Typically in an interview, you can and should provide a range instead of an exact number. For the most part, interviewers ask this question believing that offering a salary 10 to 15 percent higher than your current salary will be sufficient to lure you away from your current position. Most typically, many candidates are either underpaid or overpaid in their current roles. The green energy synonyms next step is to ease into disclosing your salary. My career coaching has helped job seekers get the job they want with the salary they deserve. The problem is that many people choose jobs with lower salaries for reasons that have nothing to do with work ethic or job performance including the following: Bonus/commission incentives Flexible working options or reduced hours Better benefits health, retirement, tuition reimbursement, etc. If youre making too much, the interviewer may feel they cant afford you or you are overqualified. Compensation is more than salary and you may find that you would rather focus on negotiating more vacation days or a flexible work arrangement than your paycheck. If you say a figure that's too high, you're likely out of the running, but if you give a number that's too low, you have undervalued your work and your potential contribution to the company. Its hard to do, especially in a competitive job market. You can get the class here.
  • Know the Range, a little bit of research goes far. The bottom line: You dont have to live in fear of interview questions about money or even a salary offer thats on the low side of what you want or need. Some employers are bargain hunting.
  • The expectation of minimum hourly compensation varies from state tostate. It also has the possibility of changing from year to year. Provide a salary range. Assuming your target salary is 47,000, you could say: Im looking for a position which pays between 45,000 and 52,000 for a 35-hour work week.
  • Understand that if you offer a range, they will usually choose the low end of the range in their initial offer, so maybe bump up the range a bit. Most HR managers use the salary expectations question as a screening tactic. Some require you to state your pay in the cover letter or an online application to even be considered for the position. How To Answer the.

HOW TO answer: What is your minimum hourly compensation expectation

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Free punch list template With some Googling, networking or just plain asking the HR person or recruiter before the interview, you can find out the salary range for the prospective job. If there is an opportunity to list a range, do so but make sure the lower end free funeral program layout templates of the range is a number you're comfortable with. The other side of the coin, though, is that when youre not prepared, its easy to make a misstep on this question that could prove costly. This is one of the hottest topics out there in career development and for good reason. . In these cases, bite the bullet early and tell the truth.
  1. Look at your current salary and typical salary progression for the industry you're. You know, the perks, such as vacation days or flexible work arrangements, that might make the job more worthwhile even if the pay is lower than you want. Then again, if your expectations and the actual salary of the prospective job are that far apart, you probably saved yourself a lot of time and hassle. That way, you know you'll be okay with the lowest salary offered to you.
  2. Question: What Are, your Salary Expectations? Try to find this information out before giving your salary expectations. Compensation is more than salary and you may find that.
  3. Answering the consequential salary expectations question the wrong way can cost you a job offer. If the market is saturated then you don't have as much to leverage.
  4. You should try to determine which goals you're responsible for, whether you're bringing in revenue, if you're doing something that's never been done before, whether you have direct reports or manage a budget and any other information that may influence compensation. It makes sense that potential employers would want to know a ballpark figure for your expectations, right? If you feel you must reveal your lower salary earlier than you would like, dont forget to mention the contributing factors too. In the end, thats just a waste of energy.
  5. The upside is that being straightforward with recruiters will also keep you on their radar when there is an opportunity that meets your salary requirements. People have to look at the bigger picture. When pressed to give your current salary when you know it would sabotage your chances, consider the following tactic to delay the question a little longer, if not put it off altogether: Since this position is not exactly. At the same time, youre giving them an opportunity to earn your respect by making a fair offer.
what is your minimum hourly compensation expectation


What is your

Now, in your specific situation, I would do one of two things. Ask your contacts in the team what salary figure they think you should put down,. Do you know what your salary expectation is? Chances are you have a rough idea.

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