How to write time on invitation

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how to write time on invitation

Respond Date Respond date should be two to four weeks before the wedding date. If time is not provided, you may spell out the date, abbreviate it, or use a numerical date. Junior or Senior, when used in a name, are correctly abbreviated. If the date is formal, you will want to write the date in long form, rather than short. When numerals are used, they should be followed.m. The use of immediately and a time is redundant. However, if you feel you must list the quarter hour time, you can list it as at one-quarter past four in the afternoon. EX: on Saturday, the fifth of June. Also, should I say "in the afternoon" or "in the evening?" I don't want my guests to think I'm having a formal, black-tie wedding - plus it's summer and the sun will still be up, so I'm leaning toward "afternoon.". Numerical time should use the abbreviations.m. The invitation line will list who is hosting (paying for) the wedding. (Note: lowercase and periods). Dissecting The Wedding Invitation Language, when writing a wedding invitation, you will want to have the following information listed, in the order shown invitation request event date time location reception, the Invitation Line. This is increasingly popular, yet remains a social faux pas. Time should always be followed by in the morning, noon, in the afternoon, in the evening, or midnight. If the reception is at an alternate location and time, you will list this separately on a reception card instead. Consistency Use the same ink color on your invitations and accessory cards. Envelopes and at home cards. Additional Tips Make sure you have filled out all necessary information for every item. Should the reception be held at the same location as the ceremony, you would follow the above information with Reception to follow or Reception immediately following. Kelsey Marie and, bryan cheap rose gold William, bride and Groom Hosting, kelsey Marie Jacob and, bryan William Scott request the honor of your presence as they unite in marriage, divorced Parents of the Bride Hosting, mrs.

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how to write time on invitation

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