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detention slip template

, and let the supervisor know why they are there. This helps make your procedure clear and incontestable. Reason for Detention, this is probably the most important section of the detention slip. To unlock this lesson you must be a m Member. Unlock Content, over 75,000 lessons in all major subjects. Some schools might also ask the student or his or her family to sign off on the detention slip. Ever had those students who insist on demonstrating inappropriate behavior, refuses to complete their homework or classwork assignments, is disrespectful to their peers, teachers, and other adults within the school setting, bullying, etc? No longer do I have to remind them about their behavior, demonstrating respect, or completing assignments. Signatures, finally, include spaces for signatures, such as the teacher assigning the detention, the homeroom teacher of the student receiving the detention, or the teacher supervising the detention. It is very important to include the date and time of the infraction on the detention slip. If the date of detention is not the same as the date of the misbehavior, you might want to use separate lines for those two dates on the detention slip. People who printed this teachers printable also printed. Writing the date and time will help you keep track of when things are happening and answer any future questions about a particular disciplinary action. If so, then you probably understand the importance of all parties involved understanding exactly why detentions are taking place. This lesson offers a template you can use for detention slips. Downloads are subject to this site's term of use. My student truly dislike the fact that they are receiving detention (for 3 days). Writing down the grade and homeroom can also help to avoid confusion if you have multiple students with the same name at the school.


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Browse detention slip resources on Teachers Pay Teachers. This is a template to help streamline the process to alert students that. Unfortunately, detention is a fact of academic life.

Detention Slips Teachers

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Birthday cake heart shape with name Try it for yourself. Purpose of a Detention Slip, are you a teacher or an administrator in a school where detentions are used as a disciplinary strategy? Unfortunately, detention is a fact of academic life.
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  1. Detention Slips by Trayon Henderson Teachers Pay Teachers
  2. These detention slips let students know where and when to report. Detention Slips, teachers, printable. Using detention slips can be an effective way of keeping track of who is getting detention and making sure all parties involved understand the.
  3. Great for school records, these detention slips print three per page and describe the punishment. Free to download and print. A range of High Quality.
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