Why are u suitable for this job

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why are u suitable for this job

particular job in question, Steve suggests: See if the employer has a values statement or competency framework and match your examples to that. The key to demonstrating youre the right person for the graduate technology position you are applying to is to fully understand the role, then highlight how your skills, experience and personal qualities match this. If not, look at similar jobs to see what criteria employers are seeking. I know this job involves lots of teamwork and group projects, and I know this is a work style in which I excel. Related links The Secret to Answering Behavioral Interview Questions Be a Good Storyteller at the Job Interview Ready To Jump Start Your Job Search? Ideally, your examples will come why are u suitable for this job from past experiences at work. What industry sector(s) will you be working in/for? Read our article on how to research a company for a graduate technology job. In my most recent position, I was responsible for maintaining our department web page. I know you are looking for a self-motivated computer technician with both skills and passion, and I am that person. Whether you emphasize your skills or a personality trait, be sure to provide one or two specific examples that prove you have those qualities and how you will use them in the workplace. If youre applying for a rotational technology graduate scheme, ensure you understand all the placements you are likely to complete, not just the one that most interests you. This is my dream job. What they really want to know: How you developed the skills and qualifications you expressed on your resume, and how well you can articulate your value as a potential employee. For example, if the job description asks for database skills, its far better to say that you used your knowledge of PHP and SQL to develop a new membership database for the university rowing club than simply. I share your commitment. The skills the employer is seeking may also be listed in the job posting. Even though the question is about how you compare to other candidates, dont critique the other job seekers. Chelsey 3 years ago 0, thumbs up 0, thumbs down, secure computing ppt comment. In my free time, I learned to code in JavaScript and Swift.
why are u suitable for this job
Steve Rodgers reveals that he too uses the question about suitability to determine the level of research a candidate has conducted into the role. Speak to the graduate recruiter, or any contacts you have at the company, if theres anything you want to clarify. DO talk about: Work history, skills, education (if youre amazon graduation cards a recent graduate areas of expertise, qualities that make you successful on the job, a passion you might have for the job or your chosen profession, and other details that help. If you need more than a couple minutes to complete your response, consider stopping briefly to ask something like, Is this the level of detail youre looking for?
The common interview question: Why are you suitable for this job? / Why should we hire you for this job? / Why are you a good fit for this job? Why theyre really asking: Well, they want to give you a chance to convince them why you are a good fit even though they may already have formed an opinion. During a job interview, the interviewer might ask you the question, Why are you the best person for the job?

How to Answer: Why are u suitable for this job

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why are u suitable for this job This is similar to other common interview questions, such as Why should we hire you? The interviewer wants to know why you would be a better option to hire than other candidates. Why are you suitable for this job? Is something that any IT, software or technology company will ask future graduates in its application form. Don t waste the chance to explain your motivation well follow these steps for students and graduates who want to work in tech roles.

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The first way is to explain how your personality or personal traits make you an ideal candidate. Dont talk about: The short commute, the fact that you really need the benefits, that you're hoping to learn the skills to start your own business, or that you're desperate for a job any job. What they really want to know: How much you know about the business, and whether you truly understand and want this job at this company. I excel in car hang tags the kind of _ working environment youve built here.

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